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Call for dancers

Dancers, it's time. It's time for us to join together. Dance training should not halt after high school graduation; rather, it should intensify. Maddox Dance Company's goal is to create opportunities for dancers to continue their training in order to perfect performance skills and contemporary dance technique.
Join Us.  


This summer, Maddox Dance Company is offering a performance opportunity for contemporary dancers ages 17-23. This opportunity will give your dancers a chance to gain pre-professional experience and extra training throughout the summer months.  We hope that this experience will bring some Central Albertan dancers together to help form a community of future colleagues and offer the chance for emerging artists or graduating dancers the opportunity to continue dancing and perfecting their art.  

Call for Contemporary  Dancers Ages 17-23
 Sunday, May 14th, 2017 @1-3 pm

The Forum, Red Deer, Alberta
(228 Spruce St, Red Deer County, AB T4E 1B4) 

You are not required to prepare anything for the audition. We will run the audition as a contemporary dance technique class with a sample piece of choreography All you'll need is comfy clothes and bare feet. If you are unable to come to the audition due to a scheduling conflict, please email us. 

A Sneak Peak


Four intense hours a week of contemporary dance technique training throughout the summer


Work and collaborate with other dancers to create something new and powerful


An opportunity to perform in a full evening show at the end of summer

Our supporters

The Forum, Red Deer
Scott Block Theatre, Red Deer
Lacombe Performing Arts Centre Foundation

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Please send you headshot and biography to info@maddoxdance.com or ask us a question here:
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