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Maddox Dance Company is dedicated to inspiring the people of central Alberta through movement by encouraging individuality through creation and self-expression. 
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Take a class with us. In every class we do the BrainDance. Developed by Anne Green Gilbert, the BrainDance is comprised of eight developmental movement patterns that healthy human beings naturally move through in the first year of life. 
We love to share the information we stumble upon. We have a range of information gathered; from activities for babies to professional dance techniques.
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About Us

Maddox Dance Company, or MDC, is dedicated to providing programs to young families that educate parents about the importance of movement and the effect movement has on the brain and early development. In addition to the company’s desire to share knowledge about a child’s early years, we are also interested in making dance an accessible emotional outlet and or physical activity for people of all abilities. We do this by providing a curriculum that is exploratory and playful, where mirrors are not necessary and individuality is key.
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We like to
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Brittany Mulder
Janelle Maddox
Brittany Mulder
Janelle Maddox
Miss Brittany teaches dance all over Central Alberta and loves it. She started Maddox Dance Company in 2015 and is enjoying every moment of the adventure.  She is playful, driven and full of expression
 Miss Janelle is currently working on her bachelor’s degree. With one more year to go, she is gearing up for what the future has in store for her. She is creative, talented and full of ambition.     
Opportunities to Move
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when life gets too busy

through movement and dance

& learning to play

Dancing improves strength, flexibility, and cardiovascular strength. Dance increases energy and serotonin. Dance improves mood and reduces depression. Dance exercises our mind and provides opportunity for quick decision making. So I know life is busy, but we should always make time to dance!     
Dance is a powerful art form that can communicate ideas that speech does not have the capacity to express. Even the simplest of movements can express deep emotion, portray certain personality traits or engage audiences in profound thought. Movement is powerful.       
When we include seeing, feeling, touching, tasting, and hearing into our learning experiences, our brain is able to grasp onto new concepts faster and remember them longer. If we add our proprioceptive sense (body awareness) into the mix, the learning possibilities are heightened even further.